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Evaluate and Select


There are good books in every subject matter and some books are valuable in any condition, but let’s leave the exceptional for another discussion. Our purpose is to find the books most likely to sell at a price above what you can realize in your general public sale. If your donations and discards are anything like ours, only a small percentage will be worth your time and effort to sell online. The treasures in those overflowing boxes and bags aren’t quite hidden, but won’t all be obvious either. Continue reading

Amazon vs. Ebay

Of course these aren’t the only two web sites you can sell with, but they are the biggest and will give your books the widest exposure.  In the dawn of online commerce the two companies were quite distinct.  They aren’t as different from each other now, as they both aspire to be all things to all people, but there still are distinctions which may make one or the other a better choice for your group. Continue reading

How do we start? Pt. 2


Next, consider what you have to sell.  What kinds of materials are commonly donated, in what condition?  DVDs, audio cds, ephemera (pamphlets, maps, programs, advertising, etc) can be attractive sale possibilities.  As a general rule, current non-fiction sells better than fiction. Clean attractive copies will always sell better than basement refugees.  And no one wants old textbooks. Continue reading

How do we start? Pt. 1

All bookselling is divided into three parts: evaluate and select the book;  describe and price the book;  package and ship the book.  But before you pick up the first book, it’s wise to take stock of the who, what, and where that you have to work with.  You’ll need to evaluate resources in several categories.  Staff, inventory, and location will determine your sales strategy.  Let’s consider some points for each. Continue reading