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USPS Tracking Issues

We use USPS Tracking on every package and find it very helpful. It doesn’t guarantee delivery, of course, but generally lets you know what is happening with a package. One recent order for a town in Florida went from us (Indianapolis) to Cincinnati (the usual sorting station) to Gainesville; something went wrong and turned the package north to Ohio again, then Warrentown PA where it sat for ten days through a snowstorm and subsequent clean-up delays. Eventually it was liberated, returned south, and found its destination. Continue reading

Create a Listing

Amazon has a straighforward, easy to complete form to list a book for sale. (The process is similar for the other sales venues.) There are things to consider and choices to make in the process, so let’s use one example to illustrate some of those points. Once you’ve done a few, you can work quickly through a stack of books. Continue reading

Package and Ship


Packaging is an art. Proper packaging, that is. Packaging that will protect the book as it travels to its destination, encountering unknown hazards and mistreatment along the way. USPS and UPS are your partners, but they’re not your friends. It’s your job to prepare a package that can be tossed, dropped, stacked, and bumped and still arrive with its precious contents intact. Continue reading

The Well Stocked Shipping Station


We ship thousands of books, cds, and dvds each year and regularly receive compliments and appreciation for the care we take with each item. It’s not hard to wrap well and it doesn’t take any fancy equipment. It does take a little time and a lot of attention to detail. See the post “Package and Ship” for the how-to. Here are the tools and materials we use. Continue reading