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Textbooks – Profits and Perils


I heard this story on NPR recently about two guys going to make their fortunes selling used textbooks. Just as with stocks, they will buy low, sell high, and time the market. Well, maybe, but I’m doubtful it will work any better for them than playing the stock market does for most of us. Continue reading

Describing the “Better” Older Book

book cover: Ghost of the Java Coast

Details and more details. A prospective customer for a valuable and/or unusual title wants to know as much as possible about its condition before purchasing. An uncommon item may not have a very good catalogue details entry (Amazon), so some additional description of the contents can be helpful. Continue reading

Create a Listing

Amazon has a straighforward, easy to complete form to list a book for sale. (The process is similar for the other sales venues.) There are things to consider and choices to make in the process, so let’s use one example to illustrate some of those points. Once you’ve done a few, you can work quickly through a stack of books. Continue reading

Evaluate and Select


There are good books in every subject matter and some books are valuable in any condition, but let’s leave the exceptional for another discussion. Our purpose is to find the books most likely to sell at a price above what you can realize in your general public sale. If your donations and discards are anything like ours, only a small percentage will be worth your time and effort to sell online. The treasures in those overflowing boxes and bags aren’t quite hidden, but won’t all be obvious either. Continue reading