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Even when you’ve done everything correctly, sometimes a customer will want to return an item. And, inevitably, you will make a mistake from time to time with a listing or an order. Customer service is all about how you handle those concerns and problems. Studies have shown that a customer whose problem is resolved quickly and courteously is much more satisfied and loyal than one who has no problem at all with her purchase. Continue reading

Bad Feedback – Is It the End of Everything?

Happily, no. It happens to every seller sooner or later, as it rains on the just and the unjust alike. It’s important to monitor your feedback to catch these problems quickly. A prompt response will minimize the damage and time will dilute the impact on your store’s rating. Let’s look at some examples of bad feedback and what can be done to counter it. Continue reading

Feedback aka Customer Review

Web commerce is driven by customer reviews, know as “Feedback” in the Amazon and Ebay worlds. Customers evaluate the shopping experience and give the transaction a rating of positive, neutral, or negative; customers may also write a comment. These scores are added up and averaged over time. Essentially, the Feedback rating is your reputation. Continue reading