The Blog: This blog is for librarians and supporters of libraries who seek to raise funds through the sale of books and other media.  Libraries face particular challenges of staffing and materials management different from those of retail stores.  Sharing experiences and exchanging information and ideas can help library supporters sell books most effectively.

The Blogger: Miriam Geib, Collectible Bookseller for Indianapolis Public Library

Friends sometimes tell me that I have the best job in the world. It’s hard to think of a better one for an omnivorous reader and bibliophile. Since 1986, when I was hired by the Indianapolis Public Library to invent a book sale/book store hybrid, I have enjoyed working with books and book loving volunteers and customers. All the fun of having my own bookstore with the deep satisfaction of supporting that great American invention, the public library. In 2001, I put Indy Library Store online. This past year, 2013, revenue from the online store surpassed that from the public sales.

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