Feedback aka Customer Review

Web commerce is driven by customer reviews, know as “Feedback” in the Amazon and Ebay worlds. Customers evaluate the shopping experience and give the transaction a rating of positive, neutral, or negative; customers may also write a comment. These scores are added up and averaged over time. Essentially, the Feedback rating is your reputation.

Sellers with poor feedback ratings continue to sell books, so we know not every customer looks at it. Many do, however, and are encouraged to buy when they read about others’ good experiences. Here are a few recent comments from our Amazon store customers.

SO professionally wrapped…just the best experience ever. Clean book, arrived quickly,happy to support a public library. Thank you so much!

Extremely fast shipping and good condition. I’ve already finished reading it and some other books I ordered from other sellers the same day haven’t even shown up yet! Thanks!

Great book, in better than advertised condition, and I received it within 4 days of placing my order. Very happy with this purchase, and I would highly recommend buying a book from this seller.

I always search the Indianapolis Library whenever I’m looking for DVD’s or tapes because they have always done me right

Read your feedback to learn what your customers value. Ours tell us consistently that they appreciate careful packing, speedy shipping, and accurate descriptions. Quite a few mention that they are happy to support a public library with their purchase. They also appreciate good communication. Problems occur from time to time – staff get sick, snowstorms shut down the city – but most people are generous and understanding if you just explain the problem.

I love this book. Seller had probelems because of snow in their area but they contacted me to let me know what the hold up was, very considerate.

Feedback can be fun, too. It’s something of a substitute for the pleasant over-the-counter interaction you get with a customer in your ‘real’ store. I enjoy reading the comments and getting a virtual pat on the back, and sometimes a laugh.

Showed up so fast I thought I was in a Jimmy Johns commercial.
And my all-time favorite from years ago: Quick like a ninja shipping!

2 thoughts on “Feedback aka Customer Review

  1. Jane Rutledge

    Just a comment — I loved the “quick like a Ninja” comment. My favorite from the tcplfriends (Tippecanoe County Library) feedback list: “Bulletproof packaging.” Every so often, applying the tape, I think of that one.

    1. Miriam Geib Post author

      Hi Jane,
      Thanks for looking at my blog. Feedback can be fun, can’t it? People can be so grateful for good service that it makes me wonder what kind of experience they usually have. I would be very pleased if you would share some of your Ebay expertise from time to time, most of my experience is with the other sites. The basics of online selling are pretty much the same, of course, but each site has its quirks. Tips and suggestions are very welcome!

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